As someone in the healthcare field, you know that building consumer trust is essential to expanding your market.  Get people to truly believe in your technology or product and they will want to sing its praises.

But let’s face it – not everybody trusts companies.  They prefer to hear about a product from someone in their community, a friend or colleague, a magazine or newspaper that speaks to them, a trusted source.  And this is where advocacy comes in.

Common questions from clients:

  • How do we begin working with advocacy partners?
  • Which organizations should we work with?
  • How do we become true partners with organizations without overstepping?
  • How can we ensure our grant is used appropriately?

My clients choose to work with me because I have significant experience with nonprofits:

  1. As a corporate partner when I was the Director of Global Advocacy at a Biotech company
  2. In a global advocacy organization as the Director of Strategic Partnerships
  3. Now as a consultant.

I understand what both the company and the nonprofit organization need to create a successful and trusted relationship.

Questions for you:

  • Are you looking to expand your market and provide greater value to your target audience?
  • Are you trying to understand barriers to uptake so you can better tailor your messaging?
  • Do you want to create effective educational collateral for consumers and healthcare providers?
  • Do you want to figure out how to build an internal advocacy department?
  • Do you already invest in advocacy, but want to refine your efforts?

This is a sampling of my services. Please contact me for specific information regarding your project.

Landscape Analysis – Understanding the landscape around your therapeutic area, as well as the audience you plan to reach, is a critical step in deciding on the direction for your advocacy or educational campaigns. It’s also essential to assess the vision, priorities and resources of your own organization.

Strategy Development, Program Implementation and Evaluation – I can provide strategic guidance on the development and implementation of health education, communication and advocacy initiatives.  After assessing needs, we will develop goals, objectives, timelines, action plans and evaluation measures to ensure successful and sustainable health outcomes.

Issue Messaging – Communicating effective and relevant messages to your target audiences can help you increase visibility, mobilize stakeholders, and achieve greater impact. We can work together to ensure that your messages and materials are relevant to your audience and your communication strategy effectively amplifies your messages. This includes helping to develop or update a website, reaching your audience through social media and creating scheduled communications with your e-mail list.

Coalition Building – The first step is to identify individuals, NGOs, government agencies, and academic institutions that support your cause.  Next, we will bring everyone together to build a united front with a common goal.  And finally, we will work with the coalition to educate their constituents, reach out to influencers, and mobilize the public.

Private Sector and Nonprofit Partnering – Bringing the corporate sector and the nonprofit community together is a way to improve collaboration and leverage resources.  

Writing and Editing – Educational and marketing materials need to be culturally relevant, appealing to your target audience, and easy to read and understand.  I can develop content for various formats and delivery methods.

Survivor to Advocate Training –  I provide group training in story development, presentation tips, media training, and advocacy action plans, as well as one-on-one support to individual survivor advocates.


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