I offer a number of ways we can work together. Stay tuned for my Online Course coming soon!

One-on-One Story Work

We will work together to dig through your story, figure out your messages, craft your story and develop your advocacy plan. The work will be individualized your needs and usually requires a 3 month commitment organized around your schedule.

What’s included:

  • One hour “Discovery” call
  • Write your Story Workbook
  • Hourly call each week for 12 weeks (6 weeks of content; 6 weeks of Q&A)
  • 2 hours of story review and editing (one midway through our work and one near the end)
  • 2 hours of research for advocacy plan
  • Bonus Media and Interview Tips Packet
    • Detailed story outline with up to 3 key messages and a call to action
    • 15-20 minute keynote speech
    • Draft Advocacy Plan



If you have an opportunity coming up for you to share your story but don’t have the time to put the work in, this is the option for you! NOTE: This does not provide the same benefits, such as healing and grappling with difficult parts of your story, as if you worked through your story on your own! But it does allow you to start sharing your story more quickly. Clients who choose this option often use this as a starting point for later diving deep into their story. This also may be for you if:

  • You know your story but can’t seem to put it onto paper
  • You know your why, your messages and what you’re advocating for or speaking out in support of
  • You have an advocacy plan in place (or at least you have places you know you’re going to speak or media outlets you know you’re going to contact)

What’s included:

  • 1 hour “Story Sharing” call
  • 1 hour “Story Review” call
  • 1 hour “Editing and Practice” call
  • 1 hour “Rehearsal” and review of effective story delivery
    • 15-20 minute keynote speech

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